Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Free Patterns

I am working undeniably too much, and too hard, these days. Teaching extra classes are challenging, being the boss is proving more of a challenge and projects upon projects seem to be piling up like my laundry! When I get this way, there always seems to be a point at which I stop and think about what I need to do to survive this business. One way to survive today is to NOT work through lunch, so I didn't and this is what I found. More things to do. Ha! But, these are fun things. Isn't this pillow adorable? Here is a link to the free pattern.

And, even though there is snow on the ground, Spring is on its way. At least I hope it is. I am freezing! Here is a link to a pattern for these cute eggs.


  1. Thanks for sharing!!! Im in love with those eggs, Ill be making those soon. Im making myself hold out till after Valentines Day to put my spring stuff out, its challenging though!

  2. These eggs are great! I'm going to have to give these a try, but I know mine won't be near as good as yours are.

  3. Love the eggs..thanks for sharing them with us

  4. Gracious Kelly, Have you been following me around cause that sounds sort of like my life too!

    Thanks for sharing the patterns! Both are adorable!

  5. Thanks Kelly! These are two cute projects. I can never resist anything with yo-yos or big rickrack!! We'll never run out of fun things to do, will we?

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words over at my place! Happy Valentines weekend!!