Sunday, February 7, 2010

Domestic Gifts

You might think that I have been snowed in this past week and I have. But, it has not been snow that has kept me snowed under. Work has been quite consuming so far this semester. Deadlines have been changed and not for the better, children have been busy, as usual, and friends have been in need of TLC - always a good thing to do.

I do have snow to share with you and my wonderful birthday celebration. I am one lucky mom, sister, daughter, wife and mother; however, today I am sharing pictures of all the sweet domestic goodies I received this past Christmas. I love everything snow, except having to drive in it. Looks like it will be snowing in my kitchen with these cute cookie cutters.

My father gave me this great tote from Martha Stewart. It holds two dozen cupcakes or many more cookies. Perfect for encouraging more cupcake baking. He also gave me a cupcake recipe calendar. He knows his daughter.

I love bowls.

These may be the cutest measuring cups I have ever seen.

And, mom found this pretty hand to rest my rings and bracelets while cooking and baking. I love it.


  1. Hi, Kelly! So glad I just found your fabulous blog tonight! I'll be back often to see what you're up to! Have a wonderful night!

  2. Love the bowls, but I especially love the hand! I have 4 hands, not decorated like yours, but they are porcelain. They come from an old rubber glove factory. Will send you a photo :-)


  3. Kelly, A post after my own heart! Bowls and cupcakes, how perfectly perfect. I attempted a new muffin recipe to share with disastrous results. My husband let the oven timer go for ten minutes to teach me a lesson not to be busy busy while I am baking. I need a new set of measuring cups or a new kitchen timer! Elizabeth

  4. What wonderful gifts. Hope you had a truly Happy Birthday! Perhaps your work load will ease soon!