Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cheer is Here

LibbyLu and Coach Mindy

It is that cheer time of year. The girls have worked hard through the Fall and Winter to ready themselves for Spring competitions.

They are revving it up a notch with coach Mindy, extra practices on spring floors are scheduled and the old red, white, silver and blue uniforms are replaced with the new blue, black and silver.

The team loves the uniforms, but of course these polyester pleated wonders are made for women, not girls and bust darts are misplaced and skirts are made for, well, hips - something many eleven year olds lack.

They don't look too good and not as slick and crisp as they should.

I will be toting the costume tool kit and sewing machine to the next couple of practices. Time to take a tuck or thirty. We will make sure they look fabulous, peppy, bouncy and cheerful. Oh no, I am beginning to sound like a cheer mom...help!


  1. cute costumes! love the silver glittery fabric! reminds me of my cheerleadin' days....still have my outfit but it wouldn't fit now! lol

  2. A cheery Valentine's Day to you! What a cute post. I remember these days very well. Busy, busy! Have a lovely day, Elizabeth

  3. Libby looks so grown up. She is just beautiful.