Friday, January 8, 2010

Fair Warning

I am still not finished sharing the holidays. This has been a slow blog week because it is a busy back to school week. The tree must be down by Monday class time. In the meantime, I am prepping and planning for a good Spring semester and trying hard to squeeze in the rest of our holiday mayhem and clean up the remaining glitter and glitz.

Our visit to Santa this past Christmas was phenominal. Kudos to Bass Pro for making it yet another magical time for my family. I have always been one of those moms that scope out the kid scene activity before actually taking the kids. All those good research skills I learned in college are paying off, Mom. I know where to stand in The Magic Kingdom so my kids get attention from characters during the parade. I know which days of the week are free at the Discover Center. I know when to go stand in line to see Santa at Bass Pro so we only have to wait in line an hour and a half, maybe two. Really. We are often first in line for many things. This year, Bass Pro trumped me and, wow, they did a great job.

When we entered the Santa area, I was greeted by a cheery elf who handed me a pass that said come back later. What? Later? You mean I can make an appointment? Yes! I will take a late time when all the kids can come and Mimi, Papa and Uncle Dan, too. When we returned, with our Santa pass, we were first in line, of course, for our appointed time. The wait? Only, thirty minutes. It was perfect. No crying babies. No stressed out moms. Everyone in line was having a great time.

The girls are big girls now but still like to see Santa. They smile cool, but take the time to make sure their wishes are heard. On some level they believe.

This was Lucy's first Santa visit. She was great. Here she is with her beautiful mom.

And, here she is with Santa.

Bass Pro also had plenty for the kids to do. They wrote letters to Santa and did a little target practice.

And a little, well, naughty target practice.

They dreamed big.

Bass Pro offers many goodies for sale, but is also a sort of everything outdoors theme park store. Some things are alive.

And, others, well, not so alive. But, this would be a pretty convincing picture if wild game Christmas shopped.

As usual, everything looked stunning.

It was a great evening.


  1. HI kelly, just stumbled upon your blog through elizabeths and I love it! Loved the letter you wrote to your husband for your anniversary.. I bet he did too. You have a lovely family. Will definitely add your link so I can be sure to find you again. Stop by and visit me when you get a chance. I'll be back soon.

  2. What a great Santa visit!! Have a great day!

  3. How great that looks. We've outgrown Santa but love Bass Pro!

  4. It was a great evening! Thanks so much for always including us. We don't want to miss a single moment, Mom

  5. Kelly, This is such a wonderful family post! The last picture tells the story for the New Year's days to come. Blue Plate review on the Slow Cook Pepper Steak - absolutely wonderful. My husband couldn't stop raving! A note: cooking time needed to be longer for low setting, about 8 hours. Thank you so much for taking the time to compile this wonderful resource! Elizabeth