Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Call Back List

It seems we just finish up one production and we are working on the next. After Tartuffe in April, we set to task to find a new play. The first two plays produced by our Fine Arts department were for grown ups and we went in search of something more universal, more attractive to the community at large. We chose Arthur's Stone, Merlin's Fire: The Making of a King, by Kathryn Peterson.

In some ways I am quite excited, but also a bit weary already. LibbyLu and GracyLu have both auditioned for the play and made the call back list for this evening. This means costuming and shuttling and sitting through rehearsals. Where will I find the time? Also, I have never costumed this time period. It should be a challenge as it is quite different that clothing Picasso and Einstein and then a groovy Tartuffe. Let me know if you have any idea of what a water maiden should look like.

Wish the girls good leg breaking auditions this evening.


UPDATE: We have two Water Maidens. It will be a busy Spring at the theatre.

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  1. We do the musical thing in my household....I know all about call-backs, auditions, etc. It's nail-biting. Best of luck (or is it break a leg?)