Monday, December 7, 2009

Starting Simple

LibbyLu and Cubsey were both away from home this Thanksgiving. The divorces that have created our uniquely combined family also require a good deal of good attitude and flexibility so that our precious children have time with everyone they love. This is important. After school on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I gave a simple pie lesson to each of our youngest. They so wanted to contribute to the holiday meal this year. We used Libby's pumpkin and refrigerator crust to ensure their first pies would be a success. As Cubsey went off to her other mother and LibbyLu to her dad with pies in hand, they were brimming with pride to have created such pretty pies.

Clearly, I forgot to teach them to tie their hair back for baking. We were on such a tight schedule.

I love when they create with their hands.

Good job, ladies! ~Mom


  1. Manly Man (aka William, 22 year old) always bakes the pumpkin pie at our house. Every since grade school he has donned an apron -- a full, over the neck apron of his grandmother's or great grandmother's -- and stepped up to bake the pie. Sort of a tradition now. When he was small he called it "smooth pie". I have photos of him in aprons :-)


  2. This looks like so much fun, Kelly!! Something so satisfying about making pies rather than cookies!! :-)