Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It has certainly become cold around here, but the only snowflakes so far are those twinkling from the front porch Christmas lights. We love snow and created a few of our own at a girls only sleepover with Mimi. Okay, Papa was there, but that is only because he is married to Mimi and goes to bed early anyway. The girls love to sleep at Mimi's in princess beds under beautiful quilts, some vintage, some made by Mimi's hands.

We gathered the goodies.

Every project needs a supervisor.

Working girls.

Snowflakes take shape.

Ready to hang.

Packaged for a safe trip home.

Some fresh berries for ice-cream sundaes before bed.

Goodnight. ~Kelly


  1. Looks like fun. But I don't see John in any of the photos....

  2. Oh Kelly...
    I had a wonderful time tonight. Loved the ice cream and the snowflakes were so much fun. How beautiful they turned out.

    Lovin the baby. What a great supervisor.

    Have a beautiful day tomorrow. Thanks again for sharing.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  3. Well, it was hard to get past that adorable little baby and pay attention to the snowflakes, but I forced myself. Cute project and it looks like people of all ages could participate!

  4. I have to agree with Suzanne...Mimi and Lucy kind of steal the spotlight in the pictures. I'll be the snowflakes look great hanging on the front porch!

  5. What a fun project, my girls will love it.

  6. i love those snowflakes. i have seen them and have always wanted to do them but i need directions to get started and never took the time to look for them - now I have them!! the boys and i will be making snowflakes next week!!!

  7. Look like LOTS of fun! Nice to see my dear friend Nadine holding the baby :-)

  8. The fun was all mine. I love these times together. We should find more time for things like these. Before we know it........ Mom