Friday, December 11, 2009

Red, White and Merry

Red and white for Christmas must be my favorite and you would think that this Christmas shop was full of nothing but red and white. The truth is there were many, many trees decorated many, many ways, but clearly I was biased. The shop is housed in a large barn and is overflowing with everything a Christmas tree could possibly dream of. My resistance was low and I had to have one of these.

And, one of these made of red buttons.

This tree was full of country rag dolls. So Sweet.

Here is a table of candy cane trees.

Oooooo....shiny. I am easily distracted.

Oh, and I, um bought one of these. I had to. It is a cupcake and my tree needed a glittery, shiny cupcake. Maybe yours does as well.

Here is an amazing Santa. He is taller than me and spins slowly without getting dizzy. He was the wrong price.

Look at this cute topper. Ho, ho, ho!

Oh, and I love everything snow. Snowflakes and snow people top the list, so I, um, bought one of these as well. I was getting a bit out of control, but can you blame me?

And, alas, I bought one of these, but can't tell you which one because it is a gift.

Knit tree ornaments, so stripey and fun. These were so cute, I couldn't decide on one so I left them on the store tree for now.

Balls of yarn for a needle woman's tree.

And I could go on and on.

Have fun dressing your tree. Ours is nearly ready for sharing. ~Kelly


  1. Oooo, I so enjoyed seeing all the gorgeous,sweet things you posted. I would have had to have a snow person myself. He is such a cutie.
    p.s. I just love your blog..there is so much to see..

  2. Oh the delight of all that gorgeous red and white!

  3. Well, that is fun and bright. You found some great ornaments to showcase. I need a lesson on the "top to bottom format. ha!, bet you don't understand what I mean. Love the blog as you know. Mom

  4. I am just imagining the joyous smile that must have crossed your face as you entered this place. The sights and scents would have been fantastic!! I admire your restaint!! Great post!! xOxO

  5. Well, it isn't so much a question of Kelly's restraint, as that she had her tight-wad "we really don't need another one of those, do we?" husband with her.