Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Master Carvers and Basket Weavers

The Masters of craft in the Ozarks is abundant and there seems to be something for everyone. Here is a Master demonstrating his talent in the Woodcarver's shop at SDC. It is fun to watch the wood come alive.

Remember when rocking horses were not plastic?

A happy little fellow.

Perfect for a little one to fly through her imagination.

Although this rustic wood is not my style, I do so admire the skill, the work, and the talent.

These Dogwood blossoms adorn a beautiful mantel. An image of the Ozarks in Spring.

Woodland Santas.

Hmmmm, I did find something I liked in the Woodcarvers shop. Can't you just see it filling with yarny goodness? Someone e-mail John and drop the hint for me.


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  1. Yes that is a beautiful basket and the wood carving is amazing as well. I wish I lived closer to the Ozarks.