Monday, December 28, 2009

It Rained On Our Parade

Springfield is certainly not a small town. It boasts a population of 156,206 and takes claim to being the third largest and fastest growing city in Missouri. But, Springfield is different than other cities its size in some ways. We lack diversity of many kinds and where diversity lives is somehow isolated within the boundaries of higher education . This lack of diversity short changes our children. We have a tremendous arts culture, despite some reluctance to sustaining it. I love that. I love being a part of that. We are a college town. We are a learning town and a growing town. We don't know how to drive well here. We are, in some areas of thinking, behind the times. We are small town in many ways, but not all of these ways are bad. Our town is small enough that, if we have the notion, we can know our neighbors. After teaching for nearly six years at the college, I rarely go out to shop or eat without running into a student past and present. We have art festivals, music festivals, chili cook-offs and parades. This year's Christmas parade showcased Springfield in its small town glory.

It rained on our parade and the girls huddled in the car out of the wind and wet waiting for the LibbyLu to line up with the rest of the cheer squad. The longer we waited, the harder it rained. LibbyLu was excited as there are the few times she is allowed to wear makeup. Her hair is growing so beautifully long and thick that cheer hair is becoming harder and harder to up-do. Despite gray skies, her hair held its curl and glitter. The rain stopped as the parade begun.

Our peace officers kicked off the parade.

The National Guard was there.

We were joined by friends,

and family.

Hey this is not Mayberry, or is it?

The rain stopped, but the cheer girls looked cold. Good cheer smile Libby. Where is your coat? When I dropped her off at the beginning of the parade route she had a coat. I swear.

LibbyLu's group appeared early in the parade, so she had a chance to join us in snuggling and candy collecting.

Love the Kilties. Go ladies!

Here are our parade balloons. Ha!

I was surprised to see Kermit the frog. Great car Kermi. Lucy and I watched the Macy's Day Parade together early Thanksgiving morning. I have always had a small affection for Kermit but when we watched him sing "I Believe in Santa" in the parade, I cried. Should I admit this? It is a hand covered in felt after all. It's not easy being green.

Some local advertising.

Bands. Yeah!

Some floats.

There were a few local celebrities.

Hey, girls! Who thought it was a good idea to let Uncle Dan hold the candy?


  1. Fun post. Kelly!! Libbylu looked beautiful, even with a bit of rain on her. It looked awfully cold, too. I like the floats, the one of the old cabin is a hoot.

    There is nothing better than a parade. Big or small.


  2. Wow, I love Springfield. Brings back memories when I went to Baptist Bible College in 1975. Sweet memories

  3. Great much fun. I believ,atown is what you make it and it looks like you makes yours home. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the pictures of family. Danny looks so happy. And I caught a glimpse of Nadine with the umbrella :-) Happy New year, Kelly.