Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Can Fly

Each holiday season my mother, Mimi, makes sure we all get some fun girl time by taking us to the theatre. This year we went to see Cathy Rigby in Peter pan. It was very exciting. We started our evening at the Hard Luck Diner in Branson, Missouri.

The wait staff sings for our supper waiting tables and stopping for a tune in hopes of furthering their career. The walls are covered in music star memoriabilia and the fifties diner theme is great fun. The girls loved it. Our server sang.

Here is LibbyLu and GracyLu.

Cubsey and myself.

The St. Nicolas, from the woodcarvers shop, dropped by. Why is this picture so yellow? I hate that.

He told the girls that he knew that three such beautiful women would someday be seeking their princes. In the meantime, he reminded them of the frogs. I hope they don't have to kiss too many frogs.

Cubsey is always good about collecting the pickles from around the table.

After dinner, we spent a few minutes in a most amazing Christmas shop and then off to The Mansion for the show. Many of the theatres in Branson have been made over and revised many times over the past fifteen years. The Mansion was built back when I ran my costuming business over eight years ago. Wayne Newton played here and commissioned the amazing horse statues in the front of the theatre. The current owners are The Oak Ridge Boys. They are still amazingly beautiful and appear as though, at any minute, they could run from their stations.

The show was spectacular. Cathy Rigby was wonderfully convincing as Peter Pan and she is in amazing shape. She climbed walls, performed handstands on the rail posts and, of course, flew like crazy. It was impressive and even more impressive when I found out that she is fifty six years old. We stood in line after the show, still shaking the fairy dust from our hair, waiting for Cathy to come to the front of the house to say hello.

She was unhurried, kind and spoke with the girls for a few moments while signing show tickets. Then, she was pleased to pose for this picture. A sweet woman and gracious performer.

Of course, the girls had no idea that she was once an amazing Olympiad.


  1. What a fun time you had!! Hey, there is nothing wrong with 56 -- I'll be there shortly :-)


  2. What a wonderful Christmas outing. I adore all the photos of your girls. Too cute!

    Thank you for your crochet encouragement. I'm thinking over the writing patterns idea.


  3. What a night!

    I can't believe Cathy Rigby is 56! Dang if time doesn't fly!

    (My digital camera does that yellow thingy too. Drives me nuts!)

  4. This is my lifetime ambition to 'fly!'. I would just love to have the opportunity to have a go.
    I love Peter Pan too!
    Hugs and Love Suex.
    Thanks for your kind comments too Kelly!

  5. What a wonderful, wonderful time! I can't believe Cathy Rigby is still performing as Peter Pan! Fun times!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  6. Years ago when my now 23 year old daughter was in Elementary School, I took her to see Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby...she was fabulous and I do remember that she was an amazing Olympiad!!
    Thanks for bringing back the memories!! xOxO Nerina