Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Thrifting

I did manage to squeeze in a little holiday thrifting. It was a productive forty five minutes I thought.


  1. Hi Kelly,
    I'm doing the 'Hi to my Followers' round. Thought I would just take a few minutes to say hi to you. Hope you have had a good holiday,
    I've really enjoyed looking at your thrifting! This is a new word to me. Of course we have charity shops and car boot sales, in the UK. But I think 'thrifting' seems such a good way to spend a bit of time. Such wonderful things you have come across. Those Christmas baubles are fantastic. My Mother would love them. The colour is one of her favourites. A beautiful Christmasy cushion, gorgeous and a lovely piece of crocheting. But I'm not sure from the photo what that is. But it's beautiful such a lovely flower.
    You have a lovely post up to day.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  2. OOoooo, I love it all,specially the crochet. You got some really great things.!! Happy New Year..

  3. A p.s. I just had to leave another note to tell you..I have recently become a follower of your pretty blog and just love it..I will be back to look through more..just had to stop and tell you how much I enjoyed it..

  4. I love your blog and the wonderful 'things' you show. I will definitely be back. I'm definitely not crafty but can appreciate the gift in other people!