Sunday, December 27, 2009

Glittery Lights

While LibbyLu and I worked on trees indoors, the rest worked hard in the cold decorating our little cottage. Christmas greetings were hung tight against winter winds.

Climbing the ladder always makes me, well, nervous. Anything to do with ladders makes me a little nervous. I stepped outside to snap a few quick photos of the light hanging process. Grace teased. Off that ladder young lady.  Grace helped from the safety of the ground.

There was a cold breeze and Cubsey made a request for tissues. Isn't she funny? Good thinking kiddo.

I stepped out to find Grace, not on the ground, not on the ladder, but up there. Oh, my. Come down, sweet Grace, please come down.

Maybe we should hire someone to hang lights next year. My heart can't take it.  Aubrey worked on our porch tree.

Swags and bows were hung. I made note that the bows are looking a bit shaggy this year and we will need new ones next.

My newly thrifted snowman was put carefully in place. I love him and am looking for more.

The big reveal...1...2...3...

I love driving home after dark to our glittery little cottage. It is so festive and bright.


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  1. Great job. Your pictures are so much fun. Can't wait to see what you do next, Mom