Wednesday, December 30, 2009

City Sidewalks

Mom and I were able to fit in a little last minute afternoon shopping while in Philly. It was a week before Thanksgiving and we were just in time for the holiday windows. I miss holiday windows and downtown department stores, so this was a treat. Here we are.

I purchased holiday party dresses, glittery and girly, for LibbyLu and Lucy. I could not help myself.

Macy's hoiday theme this year is Believe. Of course we believe! Don't you?

Macy's was dressed to its holiday finest inside. The beauty of the building is something to see in itself.

We wandered around touching oohing and awwing all things wonderfully domestic, petting cashmere sweaters, and critiquing evening wear. Macy's calls the Wanamaker building home. Mr. Wanamaker was the first to think of employee welfare. In the glory days of his retail career he had a policy never to scold employees on the sales floor in front of customers. He was also the first in the nation to offer health-care benefits to his employees. Maybe we could all take a lesson from Mr. Wanamaker as we go about this thing we call doing business.

Store employees were getting ready for a visit from Julie Andrews and her daughter, promoting their new book. The store houses one of the world's largest organs and our shopping was occasionally accompanied by the organ music.

It was quite the shopping experience.

Another beautiful building we visited was The Bellevue. I have been looking for some time now for a chandelier for my sewing room and selected this for my sewing room chandelier.

Just kidding. Isn't it beautiful? The stores at The Bellevue were wonderful and I had a difficult time controlling myself at William-Sonoma. I will soon share the treat I purchased there.

Of course, what would a big city trip be without a trip to Tiffany's? Look at their holiday window. This is completely cut from paper. It is amazing. The sleigh, of course, is adorned with diamond necklace reins.

It was a great afternoon. Just wait until you see what we had for lunch.


  1. Oh my gosh! What beautiful buildings! What a wonderful shopping experience. We have nothing like that here in Nashville. We have Honky Tonks, which are okay in this setting. But to see buildings like that is wonderful. Thank you so much for visiting junkblossoms so that I could find your wonderful pictures! Love it.

  2. Oh kelly - what a fun and pretty day! I love "window" shopping with Momma. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Macy's didnt do their holiday windows this year in Portland...and we truly missed them.

  4. Fun post, Kelly! I love to visit all the fancy stores during the holidays...the decorations and windows are gorgeous (hopefully they re~purpose all that stuff)! It looks like you & your mom had a great time. When is your chandelier being delivered?!;-)


  5. Kelly, You have absolutely made the last day of this year spectacular by posting photos of the perfectly perfect department store, Macys! It is as beautiful as I imagined! What a special day. I am also excited to see your Blue Plate Monday's Cookbook! I have tried to get up the nerve to post, but not yet! May I display your button, I love the recipes. Craft sources - the only two stores I have access to are JoAnne's and Michaels. I get my felt from an online store called Joggles. Such a fun visit today! I wish all good things to come your way in the New Year! Elizabeth