Saturday, December 26, 2009

As We Began To Ready

The first signs of Christmas at our house begin with the tree. As we ready, boxes are brought up from the storage closet. This year, as last, I unpacked disorganized boxes, all the time lamenting the need to be better, to organize better. This year will be better. Trees begin to emerge inside our home and out. There is one more tree this year than last. The first and most important is the big tree in the living room. I love this tree. Like the rest of my home, this tree is decorated with things I love and is very much not like the trees I see around blogland. It is not a designer tree. It has no real theme. It is an odd collection and a work of love. We start with a seven-foot tree and lots and lots of white lights.

My garland consists of beautiful strands of chandelier crystals. They reflect color and light. Along with a dozen or so sparkly snowflakes, they set the tone for my colorful and glittery tree. The garland is deceptively beautiful when, in reality, the cut crystals are plastic. A great find for my tree (carefully and lovingly put away each year by my careful and loving husband).

The girls helped more this year than ever. It was such fun. I am usually a bit (ahem!) controlling about where ornaments reside on the tree, but this year I chose to enjoy the help, the excitement, the fun.

Lucy double checked our work.

There are old ornaments and new. They are all different. There are many snow people. I love everything snowy.

Stories we love. Here is Clara dancing with her nutcracker.


Christmas dresses.

A crazy quilt stocking made by my mother, the crazy quilt lover and expert.

Believe it, or not, this ornament was made by my mother when I was young. The image is from a napkin. It still glitters.

There are a few sequin and bead ornaments also made by my mother. This little mouse house is one of my favorites.

Many of the things in life that I love are represented on the tree. I love china of all sorts.

Blue and white dishes.

Needle arts.

ME and tea.

Love. This tree represents me and those I love well.

The second tree is on the porch. It is a bit kitschy and sweet and retro bright.

The third tree is hip and cool. The girls decorate it for their room. This year they added a cool disco ball garland.

Tree number four is a sweet feather tree with glass ornaments.

I have forever wanted a white tree in my bedroom. This year was going to be the year as we have the room, but life changes and change is good. We have set up LibbyLu's crib for Lucy this year. I wouldn't want it any other way. We found a sweet three-foot tree for the dresser and I am thrilled. Sometimes we sleep with the lights on.

It was a good tree decorating year. Thank you, girls, for your help and your inspiration. I love you.



  1. Your trees are beautiful, Kelly. The one in your living room is very 'You' and should be. I love the 'crystals'!!


  2. Wow! Four trees! I can only dream to have that kind of space! They are lovely. You worked hard on them. Keep them up until Valentines Day.