Sunday, November 29, 2009

They Grow So Quickly

My two youngest will be turning twelve years old this coming Winter. It is so hard to believe. I look at sweet grandbaby Lucy and think about how quickly these little lovies change. While Lucy wants a bottle and a smile, Cubsey and LibbyLu want Converse and lip gloss. Lucy likes a bath. They like Sponge Bob. Lucy cuddles. They lean in or sit on me, whichever the need may be. Lucy cries when frustrated with me. They roll their eyes? When did that start? Teen years are just around the corner and there are signs.


  1. What's interesting, on top of that, is that about the time these two are just finishing their teenage years, our oldest grandchild will be starting hers. Won't that be fun!

  2. I love her T-Shirt. My husband wants one:)