Friday, November 13, 2009

The City Tree

While I am still thinking up ideas for this year's ornament making, Silver Dollar City's is up shimmering during the day and dancing with lights after sundown. The tree is beautiful here against a bright blue Fall sky.

The trees watching guard remind me that Fall is still here even though the tree proudly wears her glitz and glitter.

Once the sun falls, the tree comes to life every ten minutes, or so, with choreographed dancing and changing lights to beautiful Christmas music from around the world. It is an odd thing to watch this tree.

It seems a bit cheezy, but you can't pull yourself away. Much of the fun is watching the children. At first they are in wonder of the lights then they dance to the music. The tree's show stops everyone in their tracks.

The tree is FIVE stories tall. Now, that's a lot of ornaments.

Happy ornament making. ~Kelly