Tuesday, November 17, 2009

City Lights

One of the many glittery delights of an early Christmas in the Ozarks is the lights. There are lights everywhere. The park has lights, the square has lights, lighted snowflakes hang from the light standards all over town. SDC does the best of lights and nothing is safe from the park employees and their staple guns.

The glow begins as just noticeable, but at parade time, there are so many lights in the park that it simply glows.

The area of the park created especially for children is themed in late 1800s World Exposition. It is beautiful at night with lit pavilions and a spectacular swing.



  1. I love Christmas lights! I can't wait...but I can wait for having to thaw out my car!!



  2. Beautiful photos. I so miss the cool weather.

    Hello from Florida!

  3. soooooooo much fun no matter our age!