Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bottle-neck Blogging

John says I am bottle-necked. And, I should be offended if I take this out of context, but really, we were discussing how difficult it has been to create the time for me to return to my blog. It is difficult. The energy is hard to come by and maybe John is right. Maybe I am bottlenecked. There is simply so much to say, so much to share, and so much to catch up with. Where does a girl begin?


  1. All I’m saying, Kelly Darling, is that since your last regular blog post, we have had a hundred meals that have not been photographed and presented on Blue Plate Monday. We have had several birthdays that have gone unreported, and a couple of holidays. We have had significant life events, including children moving in and back out with no coverage. We’ve become babysitters for an adorable infant who cannot fall asleep before 6 am, but have written nothing about the experience. Your knitting successes have not been published. Life has happened and we’ve endured, together, even prospered, together. We’ve been blessed, together.

    Because I know you so much better than you will admit, I know you struggle with what to tell us next. You want it all out there, all of it perfect, all of it now, right now, early this evening at the latest. The stories and the recipes and the photographs are all here, waiting patiently, but you want them there. My only suggestion, Loveofmylife, is that you just start anywhere and let them come, let them all flow right past the guilt and the doubt and right into the hearts and minds of your readers, who are patient and kind and happy to hear from you. Who better to do that than you? That’s all I’m saying.

  2. John seems to have the faith...we've missed you kelli!!


  3. No worries, the words will come when you are ready. And if you talk to Nadine, tell her I'm fine, just sitting here with my foot on a pillow.

  4. What a sweet comment from John. How about you just start with today?

  5. I agree....nothing is perfect just heartfelt!