Friday, October 30, 2009

I Am Back

Quite a bit over a month ago, I announced that I would be taking a break from my blog. This break was not a spa break, a knit break or a stop and smell the flowers break. It was a life is far too big to stop and write break. A what would I write if I blogged break. A life would be too overwhelming if I actually put it in print break. It may have been a good idea to keep writing, to break from Blue Plate Mondays, and just write about life, but I was worried that too much life here would scare me, scare you. So, in the best interest of my mental health and yours, I took a break.

I am back. Well, some form of me is back. I recently learned that we never really go back to our old selves after a stressful life event even though we look forward to going back there, that is, to the selves we have known before. I am certainly not the same woman I was in August and I am okay with that I think.

I see myself, and my family, in a place of recovery. Sometimes I do this. I work to recover, to heal, and to think about the fire through which I have walked. As life is sometimes, the fire is not burning high, this week, but there are still embers to negotiate. I lean on the things I love, those I love, and tentatively step back in to the game.

I want to be sure to share that a small, new love has seen us through. Our precious new grandchild, Lucy, spends three to four nights with us each week. She reminds me of what a newborn does, cry. And, does not do, sleep. She reminds me how good babies smell, how babies somehow know to snuggle when we need it most, and how life goes on even when I think I would like to get off. She needs us and we need her.

Returning to my blog is a bit overwhelming as there is so much to catch up with. To begin with, my creative space needs some tender loving care, there are commitments I have yet followed through on and creative promises I have yet to keep. This is where my work will begin. In the meantime, Halloween is nearly here and I have a blue checked dress to sew, a red beret to crochet, and some candy shopping to do. It is a busy time.

You are missed and I look forward to having coffee with again on a more regular basis.


  1. I am not sure why you left or what occurred while you were gone, but I am glad you are back. Your sweet grandbaby is precious. I agree with you on all those warm fuzzy memories and smells when a baby comes back into your life.

    I hope you have a great weekend Kelly and can't wait to have coffee again soon! :-)


  2. Adorable, Kelly! Your description of the smells and snuggling give me the fever... But, no. Hope you have a happy Halloween with your family and that life gets back to the way you want it.

  3. Welcome back. I'm sending serenity vibes your way.

    rembrandt's obnoxious little brother. heh heh.

  4. Welcome back. I hope your little Lucy helps bring you back to where you wish and need to be.
    All the best, Judy

  5. Oh Kelly!
    Lucy is absolutely precious, and yes don't babies smell wonderful? That is one smell we never forget, a new baby. It just takes your breath away. Yes they do cry alot, poop alot and don't sleep much. I remember those days well. At some point all three of our kids have lived with us, with at least one of their babies, so we have relived that again. It does eventually get better, they sleep longer, and we get more rested. Keep that thought, it will get you through.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope you got your candy bought for tomorrow, your blue checked dress sewn (is someone going to be Dorothy?) Where does the little crocheted beret fit in? Have a wonderful blessed day sweetie. Country hugs and love, Sherry

  6. you are back, and that is a good thing! you should be able to declare emotional bankruptcy and start fresh. I wish that for you -- a fresh start -- because things will look upward from this point on. It might be like coming home after a long time away, or it might be like waking from anesthesia, or ...... i'm rambling. Welcome home.