Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I have a brother.

I have a brother. His name is Dan: a.k.a. Dan the Man, Danny Boy, Danny, Daniel, Danny Danny Fo Fanny, Johnny Cash, Cowboy Dan, Hey Dude and Bye, Dan. He likes ice-cream and Oreo cookies and Mom’s cooking any day of the week. He likes race cars and has an odd affection for one particular orange Charger. When he makes a friend, it is for life. He wanted to be a fireman when he grew up and a police man. He grew to be a good man. That’s what matters. He giggles. His smile is as wide as a mile and when he smiles this way his blue eyes become brighter. He likes his dental appointments, and other appointments, to be on Wednesdays. At eleven. He likes to make appointments. He knows people. He likes to hang out with his nieces. He was a toe-headed small boy, but now is brown with grey – more grey than me. I remind him of this often. He is my fan and always has been. I admire him, but he does not know that. He likes to tell me what to do which is only fair because he lives in a world where many tell him what to do every day. He is sweet. He is caring. He calls often enough that we have to regularly change the ring tone to stay sane.  He forgives easily and moves on quickly. He likes demolition derbies and pretty girls. He is my best friend and John’s best friend and the kids’ best friend. He likes to come over for dinner on Friday night, the third week from this Friday. He likes to play baseball especially if he can take us all out for ice-cream afterward – we’re buying of course. He is Dan. He is the man.


  1. Indeed, he is the man! You are quite something, too, domestic diva :-) I admire you, and dan, and your parents. Friends are friends for life. Its that simple.

  2. Very sweet words for a very special brother. Brothers are one-of-a-kind gifts from God. Enjoy!

  3. Well now I like Dan too, I feel as if I know him just by this post!! I wish I had a brother like that!!

    I have a brother and we have always had a far different relationship from the one that you have with Dan. I don't think ours will ever change. I remember one day in my entire life that we actually played together and had fun. He hated me from birth and he is only 2 years older. I feel that my parents encouraged this sour relationship too. My daughter has a boy and girl 2 years apart and soooooo close that it just warms my heart!!!

    Give Dan a big hug for me if you can share him!!!

    ps. Love your blog and can't wait for time to read it all ;-)