Saturday, August 1, 2009

Giving Hugs - part 5 of 6

Not wanting the shawl to be difficult to wear for someone whose energy is little and what little energy there is should be used for healing, I ordered a shawl pin from Nicholas and Felice.

Their work is light, graceful, and beautiful. This pretty little pin is a perfect compliment to the shawl. I hope that you will visit their Etsy shop. You will be overwhelmed by their amazing designs. Click on a picture to find out purchasing details. Thank you Nicholas and Felice! The shawl pin was the perfect finish to the shawl. Check out their Etsy shop and treat yourself to something beautiful.

A beautiful and with a daisy! Is my name etched on that glass? It should be! I love it!

This blue is amazing! I love these earrings!

The shawl deserved a beautiful nest and I found this pretty paper on sale at our local Hallmark.

The bow matched and I crocheted a yoyo and sewed it to a clip to hold the tissue closed.

A blogger that inspires me often is Bella Dia. I used this tutorial to create the heart decoration for the top of the package. These sweet little hearts are so easy and quick to make.

Well, I was elated to send Jody her shawl, but missed it for a few days as it had been a constant companion for quite some time. I love this type of knitting, gift making, and giving. Here is the quote I scribed in the card:

“You can't wrap love in a box, but you can wrap a person in a hug.” ~Author Unknown

I hope that my hug traveled well and keeps her heart warm.

My project bag now has a new project, a new gift, and a different kind of hug.

Because you have given me such wonderful support and wordy hugs throughout this journey, I have decided that I need to hug you back and give you one of the pretty shawl pins. Check back for more giveaway details to come.

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  1. Whoever receves that shawl is really lucky, it turned out beatifully and you can tell you put alot of thought and care into it.

  2. I'm really delighted!!! It's all so beautiful :)

  3. Everything here is beautiful, Kelly. I have never seen a shawl pin before, so cute!!

    Stop and visit sometime!! :-)


  4. what a lovely post....and the dressing of the shawl is simply gorgeous!