Monday, August 10, 2009

Blue Plate Mondays - Kid Friendly Ambrosia

My mother denies this, but when we were kids and the sun was shining, she would say, “Go outside and play, and don’t come back until you made a friend.” She may think this makes her sound horrible, but, in reality, this turned out to be a good thing. I grew up looking for friends and still do.

In many ways, I am shy. Twice a year, I get on an airplane and fly to my professional conferences wondering who I might know that will be there, and what will happen if no one talks to me while I am there. I tend to room by myself, not to be one to post a room mate needed message to the list-servs. Once I arrive, I look for others like me, other community college teachers. It is not hard to find those like me at a conference of three thousand English teachers, and once a year, I even seem in style when amongst this group. I say hello to the woman sitting next to me in a break out session even though I have to talk myself into it. By the second day at conference, I always find myself having a coffee with a colleague. This is good, but not easy for me. Few know this about me, but it is true. Thanks, Mom, for encouraging me to go out in the world to make friends.

Summers were hot in California. We never wore shoes and spent endless hot afternoons playing in the water or in the shade of the front porch. The neighborhood was young with young families, new homes, and lots of children. Although my mother worked some, my memory relates her to being home most all of the time. My father worked the graveyard shift, so my mother would try hard to help him sleep during the day by keeping us quiet…”Go outside and make a friend…”

Dinner time was all about being together. We would wake Dad in enough time for him to “have a smoke” before dinner. He would watch the news, trying to shake the sleepiness from his head, and we would sit down to dinner. Summer meant Kool-aid, fresh veggies and salads. My brother, Dan, and I loved this fun salad and my children do to.

Kid Friendly Ambrosia Salad

1 lg can fruit cocktail, drained

2 lg cans mandarin oranges, drained

2 bananas, sliced

½ bag of mini marshmallows

1 small container whipped topping

Simply mix all of the ingredients together and chill for an hour before serving.

Now, share a recipe here and make a friend.

Here at (un)Deniably Domestic, we will be expanding our menus and filling up our recipe boxes with new recipes every Monday. Showcase your best recipes, share a food story, and make new friends. Gourmet is not required, just good food that tastes great.

I hope you will join us and share your favorite recipes. It is easy.

1. Create a post on your blog that includes a favorite recipe. Don’t forget the stories and any attribution necessary. If you don’t have a blog, e-mail your recipe to me and I will post it here for you.
2. Link in with the Mr. Linky at the end of this post. Please be sure to do this after you have created your recipe post.
3. Check back often to see who is sharing recipes and visit the participants and leave comments.
4. Challenge yourself to try a new recipe each week and cram your recipes boxes full!

Don’t forget to check out our Blue Plate Monday’s cookbook. There are some delicious eats waiting for you to try.


  1. I think most of us are a bit shy and it takes a lot of nerve to be the one to say "hello" first. Oh My! Consider the possible rejection, what if the other person turns away? And, people have turned away from me and I choose to believe it's because they are shyer than me. I choose to believe other people are good, for the most part, and just keep sticking my hand out there and saying, "hello".
    To have meet some really nice people, along the way, has been worth the little rejection occasionally encountered.
    Your Mom was right -smile- and you're a better person for her wisdom.

  2. Yummy Yum-Yum!!

    Simple and tasty - my favorite!

  3. I really like your site! The recipes are so great. I'm still looking and having fun. I lub them short recipe's cause I'm not a baker or much of a cook. Thanks, for stopping by.

  4. Kelly, An English teacher! A girl after my own heart! My most favorite subject. This was such a beautifully written post, I could read it again and again. I must join your Monday's! I think I will give it a try next week. I wanted to let you know I have your block ready to mail if you would like to e-mail me your address at I want to thank you so much for participating. Truly, this community of women is the perfect place to "go out and make a friend!" Elizabeth

  5. As your mom, I just need to remind you that I do not deny telling my children to go out and play on a sunny day and "make a friend" It was a very good thing. Love you so much!!!