Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time Together

As some of you know we have a combined family. It is a little like the Brady Bunch except we have more kids and there are not always happy resolutions every half an hour, or every day, or every month. The adjustment has been understandably challenging. We don’t have a housekeeper and if we did, her name would likely not be Alice as there seem to be few of those these days. What we do have is interesting and we, as a couple, try with all of our might to love unconditionally even through the times that seem impossible. So, our interesting life makes for challenging summers. Children are here, there, and back here again on same and on separate schedules. We plan the best we can, make sure children get to be regular children when they are home with us playing in the sun, going to art classes, riding bikes, playing tennis, etc. We are learning to manage our time well as there is so little left until they are all grown up. When the girls are on opposite schedules they miss one another, but there is something good about having time with each one to play and to talk without competition. Last Saturday, LibbyLu and I spent a day in the studio. Tuesday, Cubsey and I spent time painting together at the pottery studio.

She picked ice-cream and I picked a cupcake, or course.

Her ice cream will be a speckled blue.

The cone will be speckled pink inside - like all cones should be.

A little red posy for the inside of the cupcake paper.

My hands are not as steady as they once were.

My cupcake paper should be turquoise. It is an adventure to work with the dull, chalky paints all the while dreaming of what these colors will become when fired in the kiln. We added sprinkles. Cubsey added hot fudge and I felt a need to polka-dot my cupcake.

These goodies will be ready on the weekend! Cross your fingers. We spent the rest of our afternoon outside with bunny, Ringo, for some fresh air and talked and laughed together in the summer. A very, very good day. You make me smile my sweet Cubsey.


  1. I love the look on Cubsey's face as she concentrates so hard on her creation. Looks like y'all had fun!

  2. Kelly, these are the days that ALL the kids will look back upon one day and YOU will make them smile.

  3. Can't wait to see the finished cupcake and ice cream, Mom