Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not Quite June Cleaver is having a giveaway!

My dear friend, Susan, over at Not Quite June Cleaver is having a wonderful giveaway, and although I would like to keep my odds good, I want Susan to have a smashing good time reading your comments. I was very lucky this past February to win one of Susan’s beautiful aprons. My beautiful apron and book arrived just after I had slipped on the ice and dislocated my shoulder. It cheered me immensely.

Check out Susan’s blog. She is a fun writer and an amazing cook and garden keep. Thank you, Susan, for your friendship and generosity.


  1. Awww...THANKS for the plug. And I am so happy you enjoyed your prizes!

    You might like my movie review from this morning.

    Talk to you soon...maybe even Friday!!! Fingers crossed.

  2. Thank you for the apron giveaway information.
    BTW, how did you get your name and daisy in the box for your signature? That's fabulous! I'd love to do that with my name and a thistle -smile-.