Thursday, July 30, 2009

Giving Hugs - part 4 of 6

The shawl continued to grow. As it reached a point in which the feeling of completeness ever so slightly began to enter my heart, I realized that it was far lighter than I had anticipated. It needed a little weight to warm a cold lap or shoulders during treating. It needed to look more finished.

I decided to crochet a ruffle. The ruffle added weight and a sense of prettiness without an overpowering girly look. I was pleased. The ruffle was created with three rows of double crochet and one row of single crochet. Approximately twenty inches from the finish, I ran out of yarn.

I considered sending a message to Rachel to accept her kind offer as well, but just couldn’t do it. I was overwhelmed by kindness extended and frustrated and ready to finish the shawl. I headed back over to see Carol. I found a skein of Silver Thaw in a different, yet similar, color way. I took a chance and purchased the yarn. Can you see the difference? I think it is fine, if not perfect, and that is okay. The shawl is finished.


  1. Oooh, Kelly! What a scrumptious shawl. The soft colors, and the snuggle factor of the yarn---to receive this is like opening a big box of hugs! BTW, a hug is even better when mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm,mmmmmmm is added as you give it!


  2. Gorgeous Gorgeous the ruffle trim...nicely done!!

  3. One sees really beautiful and abrigador, there is not obvious at all the change of wool, my congratulations.
    Regards, Titi

  4. The shawl is perfect. Not only is the ruffle useful, it is pretty and adds that extra ooomph!!

    Beautiful work!! :-)


  5. Oh Kelly! To make something so beautiful and be able to use it every day is such a dream come true for me. The ruffles add just the right feel. I am so very excited that you responded to my "Block Party." I was so hoping that you would! I have just the theme picked out for you. Your blog is one that I enjoy visiting so much. Something inspiring and new and different each and every time I visit! Perfectly perfect! Elizabeth

  6. This is one of the prettiest shawls I have ever seen. Adding the ruffle was such a perfect finish. Reading about the thought, care, and prayer that went into it was very touching.

  7. What a beautiful shawl!! I just love the colors, so happy and peaceful and all things huggable. You really did a great job, and the ruffle is outstanding! I would never have known it was a different colorway. I'm so glad I was able to contribute yarn and prayers. Blessings to you!