Saturday, July 18, 2009

Giving Hugs - part 1 of 6

I hope that you will allow me to indulge myself this week and please don’t feel obligated to read every word because, it seems, every word I have written.

I want to update you on a couple of blog posts this morning while we are all sipping our first coffees of the day. Remember the waiting room, the friend, the disbelief? Well, me too. It is likely an event in my life that I will never forget and I will be sharing more about the dangers of mammograms and what I learn about thermography over the next few weeks. My friend had many mammograms, an ultra-sound and a biopsy and I am thrilled to know that she is okay! Yeah! It was a long month for her and I appreciate your support.

My mother’s friend is still struggling as we knew she would be. I think about her each and every day. I sent her shawl a couple of weeks ago, but have not been ready to share. I miss the shawl and have learned that the making of the shawl was as immensely comforting to me as I hope it is for Jody.

I do a good deal of hurrying up and waiting in my life, so I always like to have a mindless sort of project that requires little thought about stitches or counting. Although Jody’s shawl required little of my mind analytically, it did fill my mind with thoughts of hope and healing. This project went everywhere I did. I knitted while watching my brother play baseball for Sporting Chance. I knitted while enjoying professional baseball, while sitting in waiting rooms, waiting to pick up children from school, and during cheer practice. I knitted this shawl in the moments between life. The shawl has traveled and been knit in Farmington, Branson, Sedalia, and Columbia. It has been knit in elementary schools and at Mizzou. It has been knit through several movies and dozens of episodes of Seinfeld.


  1. I am so glad to know your friend is ok! Praise God!! I've actually been wondering about her and was going to ask about her just the other day! Thanks for the update!! I love the shall and can't wait to read the parts of giving hugs!!

  2. Kelly, I have been thinking of you and your friend. So glad to hear all is well with her. Maybe it is time to start another comfort shawl, for yourself. (hugs)

  3. Ms. Kelly, I have thought often of you and your friend and I'm so glad to hear that she is good. I learned last week that I too have a high school classmate that has breast cancer. As she put it..."I have breast cancer, it doesn't have me."

  4. The thoughtfulness and prayer you put into the shawl makes it all the more beautiful!! {{hugs}}

  5. Hi Kelly :)

    The shawl is beautiful! Thank God your friend is okay!!

    I pray your mother's friend will be as well.


  6. What a beautiful shawl! Blessings to you and your friend!Thanks for linking!