Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not Too Hot To Sew

It was just too plain hot and humid to do anything fun outside yesterday, so we looked for an indoor activity to while the hours away. We headed to the studio. Last fall I had a meeting at Mizzou in Columbia, Missouri. Go tigers! I took Libby and my mother with me. While I worked, they shopped Columbia’s large mall for school clothes and got to know the hotel pools very well. On a free afternoon, we stopped by Appletree Quilting for a little female bonding and rest and relaxation. The shop is bright and airy, and hosts loads of fabric, a nice collection of patterns, and some very helpful and kind assistants. LibbyLu was excited about the fabric selection as there was so, many, many bright colors, with lots of “coolness” factor. Appletree Quilting has a long list of classes and their summer session includes a beginning to sew class for children. Since LibbyLu could not attend, we purchased the patterns for the class to learn at home. Last summer we managed to make map holders for Father’s Day, twirly skirts, and LibbyLu made me an apron. This summer, we are learning more about sewing with patterns and using sewing tools with the pattern purchased in Columbia. The class called for Little Smarty Pants by Favorite Little Things designed by Kimberly Gladman and McCalls 5573, view B.

John treated us to French Toast for breakfast, I took her measurements, she wrote them down in her little notebook, and we headed to the store. LibbyLu has her own wonderfully fun style. Here are the fabrics she has chosen for top and Bermuda shorts (without pockets and belt loops for now).

She was a bit disappointed to learn she needed to prewash her fabrics, but after she started the washer, we sat in the studio and discussed the reasons why. We talked about color, shrinkage, remaining manufacturing chemicals and so on. She placed the fabrics in the dryer and we set up her sewing machine.

She irons well and carefully.

While she ironed, I copied her pattern. We are starting with the shorts – four pattern pieces.

She learned to lay out and pin her pattern correctly.

She used the Ginghers! She is very careful and still has all of her fingers.

She stitched the first seam and pressed the seam open. I will follow along behind her and serge her raw edges for now.

This is as far as were able to get before it was time to cook dinner. LibbyLu has summer fun planned for the next week, but I am sure we will be back in the studio together to finish her outfit when time allows. After dinner, a young fried stopped by and we went outside for a little sidewalk chalk and bubble time.

Then, what would a hot and sultry day be like without a little Pineapple Whip?

It was a good day. Dream well sweet girl.


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  1. What a special time for you and your girl. The pictures are precious, as always. The pineapple whip - delicious!