Saturday, June 6, 2009

National Yo-Yo Day!

My friend, Susan, reminded me that today is National YoYo Day! Well, of course, I think like her and went straight to the domestic arts for celebration. I whipped up a small bowl of yo-yos this evening. Good therapy while missing a child who has gone out of town for a week. These little round sweets make my heart a little happier. Thank you for the inspiration Susan!


  1. Well, my dear friend...I think a see a swap in our future! You know, I don't knit or crochet (hint, hint).

    Those are ADORABLE!

  2. I love the yo-yos! So dern cute!

    Maybe one day you will post a tute on how you made 'em?

  3. Oh, I love them! I may have to whip up a few myself! Have a great Sunday!

  4. Cute to see you celebrate National Yo-YO Day in this fashion. Saturday was National Yo-YO Day in honor of Don Duncan who made yo-yos (the toy) a household name in America.

  5. You have a YoYo day?! Is that any kind of yoyo? I mean the toy on a string or just the quilting type? Over here they are now called yoyo's but long ago they were called suffolk puffs - which I think is funnier!
    I could eat these - love that you call them sweets! t.x