Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Market Day

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays provide the best kind of shopping at the farmer’s market. I am not a mall girl by any means, but the market is staged in the outer most corner of our local mall parking lot and wandering the many stalls is one of my favorite summer activities.

This week, I was able to find a couple of local favorites we have been missing all winter. We picked up a jar of Apple Butter from Ozark Country Kitchen and local raw clover honey from Honey Heaven. Both are perfect compliments to my homemade cornbread and by the looks of the jar this morning, it is market time. Order the honey here and I promise you will not be disappointed.

It is time for all things rooty – sweet onions, potatoes, and radishes. Gracie loves radishes washed and ready to eat. I could not resist the season’s first asparagus and, of course, berries were on the list for Susan’s Baking Challenge. Blueberries were my only choice.

While shopping, I always keep my eye out for a good deal on flowers. The daisies from last week have wilted away. I love buying flowers for myself. I am worth it. These peonies caught my eye right away and they were the right price. My neighbor has lovely peonies and I am lucky to enjoy them as they are growing on our side of their yard. Unfortunately, we had a bad storm blow through our area a couple of weeks ago and the pretty pink peonies were pounded to the ground. I miss them.

Go buy yourself some flowers...you are worth it!



  1. Hi Kelly,

    You are so lucky to have your market open 3 days a week. Ours are on Wednesday's (unless you count the independent markets in the country). I'd love to hear about your cornbread recipe. Two ingredients in there I have never used...

    I love the fresh flowers also. And peonies really do make a statement, don't they?!!


  2. Gee, Kelly, I'm really surprised that you have to buy flowers for yourself. I am sure you DO deserve flowers, but your husband seemed like the kind of guy who would at least buy you flowers. I guess I was wrong.

  3. love fresh flowers, buy them all the time!


    nice blog btw

  4. Oh what lovely finds at the market! Nice finding your blog as well!