Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh my, thank you!

This has been the busiest semester I can remember in a long time. The only competition might be that semester, a long time ago, when I completed my student teaching. Well, I am back and even though the alarm clock sounded very early this morning, it was for making a hot breakfast for the girls before school. We all ate breakfast together, chatted together, and enjoyed the early morning sunshine. This is how mornings should be.

John took the last load of girls to school just a few moments ago and even though I should jump in the shower and get dressed, I wanted to check in with you all first. We will be thrifting a little today as an end of the semester, the grading is done, and I took a nap, celebration.

When I opened my e-mail, I found this sweet, wonderful award from Glenys at Morning Cuppas with Glenys. She has a beautiful blog with personal and special reflections of her faith. I hope you will visit her and leave a sweet comment for her to enjoy. Thank you, Glenys, for reading me and awarding me.



  1. Congratulations on your award, Kelly!! It sounds like you are having a lovely day...

    Can't you just feel it in the air that school is out (or almost)? I keep seeing more and more people out and about, kids riding their bikes, couples walking their dogs. I love this time of year!

    Now, as long as the temp's don't go over 80 degrees!!


  2. You have been missed. I know how stressful the end of the semester can be. Hope you enjoyed your day!