Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BPM - Apron Winner

Look who I found nesting on the Scrap Basket Apron this afternoon. I am sure she was searching for the sun that normally pours through the kitchen windows on sunny afternoons, but today is yet another gloom, gloom, gloomy day. April showers have done their part and now we are longing for sun.

This pretty blue hen has kindly and carefully guarded the entries for the BPM Scrap Apron Giveaway. I was so excited to choose a piece of folded paper that I could hardly stand it! I mean, I wanted everyone to win. How can that be? I want to thank you all for participating and hope you will stick around for more recipe swapping on Mondays. In the meantime, check out the winner’s recipes.

Congratulations to Beth!

One of the things I like most about Beth is that she is a survivor. Reading her blog is inspirational. She gets things done – no matter what as evidenced by not only her BPM entrees, but also BPT (Tuesday) and BPF (Friday). Stop by her blog. Ignore the fact that this girl needs a camera and read her story. You will be amazed.

I want to give a great big shout out to the following cooks that are participating in Blue Plate Mondays. Together, we are blogging our way out of a cooking rut.

Susan – a dear blogging and now writing friend. I miss our chats – I have been so busy. Check out her store for great aprons! I won an apron of hers and it is a favorite of mine. I am going to start baking with her on Fridays and I hope you will too.

Bea - Oh my, she gets so much done! She is so busy and creative, you can't help but follow along. And, she makes good biscuits!

Becky – a new blogger. Please visit her and encourage her. She is so creative and fun and a fellow apronista! Check out the new fabric she found.

Kim – Single mom, college student, brave and diligent. Check out her recipes. She is blogging her heart out as so many of us do.

Regina - A mom in a house of men! Yikes! She has picked up the keyboard and camera and is blogging away. She, too, is attending college. Go girl!

Jennifer - Oh, this is a pretty blog full of wonderful thoughts and looks like she is new to blogging so go read and help bring her into the fold of wonderful art blogs.

Now, what should I give away next?

Wow! I am so blessed.



  1. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! I'm so excited! These BPMs were so fun, and I can't wait to try some of the recipes that others posted.

  2. Aww, Kelly! Thank you! you are soooo sweet!