Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blue Plate Mondays - A Slice of Cherry Pie

Last week, Blue Plate Mondays did not go quite as smoothly as it should. Mr. Linky is so popular that he is having a little overuse trouble and my post links were not visible. I hope you did not miss out on posting a recipe, but if you did, I hope you will try again this week. I thought a little review would help us catch up.

Regina offered up a wonderful Shepherds Pie. Don’t miss it, it is a good recipe to put together on a Sunday afternoon to throw in the oven Monday after a long day working, being domestic, or just plain having fun.

Bea shared her Oatmeal Cake. I was invited to a potluck tomorrow evening and this recipe popped into my head as a great choice. Unfortunately, I was selected to bring a salad. My mother will find this funny. There will be lots of children there so I will bring my kid friendly Waldorf. Bea and I have an adventure happening this week, but more about that Tuesday.

Jaime has offered up a More Than a Green Bean Casserole. It sounds delicious. She is a knitter so you should check her blog out!

Susan shared a pot roast that should be in our recipe boxes and our regular menu rotation. I could just about smell it while reading her post! She also posted a funny today and you should go check it out.

I am sure you agree that all of these recipes sound and look wonderful! Thank you ladies. I do appreciate your sharing so much.

My husband, John, loves cherry pie. He even likes the ones made with Missouri cherries, but I try hard not to hold that against him. For Memorial Day, I decided to make him a cherry pie and since he loves my mother’s cherry pie, I phoned and requested the recipe I am offering you today.

Nadine’s Cherry Pie (She calls it Canned Cherry Pie)

Pastry for nine inch double crust
2 No. 2 cans or three cups unsweetened cherries
4 tablespoons cornstarch

1/2 cup cherry juice

1 cup sugar

1 tablespoon butter or margarine

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp almond flavoring

Prepare pastry for 2 pie crusts.

Drain cherries. Combine cornstarch and cherry juice and bring to a boil. Cook, stirring constantly until thick and clear.

Add sugar. remove from heat and add butter, salt, cherries and almond flavoring, stirring carefully to prevent crushing cherries. Cool.

Fill pie shell. Place top crust over filling. Trim pastry and seal as directed for double-crust pie. Don't forget to use your crust guard like I did.

Bake in hot oven 425* for 35 minute. eat!

What’s in your recipe box? I hope you will join us and share your favorite recipes. It is easy.

1. Create a post on your blog that includes a favorite recipe. Don’t forget the stories and any attribution necessary. If you don’t have a blog, e-mail your recipe to me and I will post it here for you.

2. Link in with the Mr. Linky at the end of this post. Please be sure to do this after you have created your recipe post.

3. Check back often to see who is sharing recipes and visit the participants and leave comments.

4. Challenge yourself to try a new recipe each week and cram your recipes boxes full!


  1. That is one beautiful cherry pie! I love how the fork tines made such a perfect design in the bottom pie crust :-) I haven't figured out how to send you a recipe through the whole blog thing, so will send you one via email......


  2. I have always wanted to make a cherry pie. Your photos make this one seem not intimidating at all. Said and done, I am going to make this pie, soon! Elizabeth

  3. You made a beautiful pie. Such talent. It looks really good and I can't believe John likes those awful sour cherries. Colton has been picking ours and eating them as fast as they ripen.

  4. That is a really pretty pie. Of course I had a piece myself and know how really good it is, love you, Mom