Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In Order of Appearance - Orgon

Orgon, Elmire’s husband, was played by Kenneth Wilson. Kenneth was a star in last year’s play, Picasso at the Lapin Agile and also is the Fine Arts Department production manager. A major portion of the set was constructed by Kenneth and he had to learn all those rhyming lines too. Gheez. What a trooper indeed.

Costuming Orgon was a cinch. I told him to think like Dick Van Dyke and he said okay and went to an older than dirt barber to get the clean ideal dad of the sixties look. A little facial hair made him a bit wanna-be mod and we were set.

Grey is Orgon’s color which plays against his black and white approach to life. There was no grey in Orgon’s life. Tartuffe was his magic link to his God and everyone was either good or evil. Well, Tartuffe was good and the rest…

Orgon followed Tartuffe blindly until he was saturated in the truth of Tartuffe’s deceit. Thank goodness Elmire is the bright bulb in the box.

I found Orgon’s suit, like Mdme. Pernelle’s at the Junior League second hand shop and the retro sweater was a three dollar buy off the clearance rack of a local department store. His look was perfect with pipe in hand and the ease of his costume allowed me to work on others that required more.

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  1. Good morning Kelly :)

    I think channeling Dick Van Dyke was a great idea. I wish people would still dress like that... I know, I'm odd LOL