Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blue Plate Mondays - Vintage Thingies Thursdays

I have been collecting blue and white dishes for twenty six years. My mother has purchased many pieces for me on her antique jaunts. I am never, ever disappointed to open gifts of blue and white goodies. Most of my pieces are part of the Liberty Blue Staffordshire Ironstone line. These goodies are now considered vintage as they were featured as grocery story premiums in 1976 – the same year I saw my first streaker and decided to join the high school marching band. There is a connection, but not like you think. Here is my Liberty Blue pitcher.

And, my Liberty Blue gravy boat.

There are few other pieces in my collection as well. Some pieces are worth more than others, but I don’t care about that. I love my dishes as evidenced by their daily use. My aunt gifted me a set of Spode mugs a few years back. I love the greek themed mug. I love all things Greek and my one of my favorite summer flowers is Geranium. Go figure.

This is one of my favorite cup and saucer sets. I have two. It is English Ironstone. The patter is called Anne Hathaway's Cottage. How can the Engish major not love that. I am on the hunt for me. It is a perfect little tea cup with a lovely detail around the inside brim to make me smile.

This is a mismatched set of souvenir dishes. The saucer is Barnegat Lighthouse in New Jersey and the cup was irresistable. It has images of Eureka Springs, Arkansas - my favorite artsy place to visit and there is some interesting family heritage behind the goings on in the town which I will save for a later post. It is also known as home of the Great Passion Play.

This sandwich plate, also English Ironstone, is Balmoral/Kensington.

And, this one Woods/Seaforth. It is such a pretty little plate with a hint of Asian persuasion.

I picked this souvenir plate up just because sometimes I just plain get homesick.

And, who doesn't like a good gobble?

Vintage Thingies Thursday folk - Don’t forget to check back on Monday when I will be announcing the kick off of Blue Plate Mondays and a giveaway. Bring a recipe and join the fun!

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  1. What a beautiful display of dishes. All so different but yes similar too. I really like the cups and saucers. Thanks for posting today, and have a great Easter weekend.

  2. I do love those blue dishes. Very pretty and fancy. Happy Easter!

  3. I have always had a love for blue and white dishes! I love all kinds of dishes really! I especially like the English inspired ones!

    I was born in 1976 so I have to ask, Does that make me Vintage? Hee!!

    I am NOT a cook but I feel inspired to come up with something for Blue Plate Monday!

    Happy Good Friday!! Remember the Cross!!



  4. Lovely collection, Kelly. For some reason, I am drawn to that turkey. Thanks for sharing.

  5. oh they're one of my fav dishes and your collection is simply mouth watering :)

  6. I guess you really should tell me what you collect in the very near future... I am the Director of the Crisis Center and Thrift store. I have been keeping an eye out for aprons. Had a few come in but were not prestine enough for a gift. You will not be very happy to know qwe were donated an entire Vintage set(plates, bowls, cuos and saucers) 8 of everything but cups and saucers there were 12 each. Sold for $8.00. Dying a little are you......SAD Let me know and I will put these Items on a sort of lay a way for when you and LIBBY come to WILDER DAYS IN THE FALL!!!!!

  7. lovely collection! i love blue and white....brings back lovely memories of my gran

  8. Hi Kelly :)

    What a beautiful collection!! I'm trying to get an Ironstone collection going, but gosh it's pricey!

    I hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter :)


  9. I love blue dishware...whatever it's called. I just don't have the room for it! I have a collection of christmas tree spode. That stays in the basement til christmas sad to say. I need a china cabinet or something! I think I collect too many things!