Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blue Plate Mondays - Mexican Pork Chops

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As an English teacher, I am driven, if not expected, to define the world around me and words that define that world. I define domestic as it was defined for me as I was growing up by those that I observed as domestic. To me, domestic was defined as a sparkling clean house, meals on the table at 8am, noon, and 5pm. Vacuum tracks on a living room carpet ready for company or Christmas morning. Silver was polished. Glasses were spotless. This morning, the knitting basket at my feet is spilling fiber onto the floor, there is a stack of new fabric on the coffee table (so I can gaze at its wonderfulness), breakfast bowls are in the sink, and the jeans I wore yesterday are still draped on the hope chest at the foot of the bed because it is Sunday and I just may choose to stay in my jammies all day. How do I define this?

I dislike cleaning toilets. I dislike washing dishes. I really dislike laundry – all things domestic, right? Wrong. These tasks fall under housework, work, work. I have lots of help. If some of you knew how much, well, you might not come back to visit. John is quite domestic, in that way, to my great advantage. But, often, we share this work and never, ever, look down on the other for choosing the more nurturing and happy making tasks over the have to dos.

Domestic refers to the art of the home, the pleasures of domesticity – not the state of my toilet brush. Jane Brocket, author or The Gentle Art of Domesticity: Stitching, Baking, Nature, Art and The Comforts of Home, makes the clear distinction between domestication and domesticity. Brocket writes that domesticity is “the pleasures and joys of the gentle domestic arts of knitting, crochet, baking, stitching, quilting, gardening and homemaking” and its counterpart is made up of “endless rounds of cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping and house maintenance” (8).

I love the domestic arts even though it seems difficult to find time for this art. These are the things that make me happy. My students will tell you that I always remind them to choose tasks in their days that make them happy, and careers in their life that make them happy. I share that happy trumps it all. Happy trumps, fancy cars, money, and designer clothes. Every time. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure these things are nice and I am sure they can be enjoyed, but only if first, and foremost, we are happy.

Food often plays a big part in our happiest memories and this week share with you a recipe given to me by someone who always made me happy. My Aunt Bee.

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  1. I am so excited about this Kelly. Gave you a big ol' shout out first thing this morning. PLEASE we all need to know more about the binder!

    Guess what we are having for supper! Yep Mexican Pork Chops!! THANK YOU!

  2. Were I posting, I would call this one “Bathroom Humor.” Kelly and I do have a cooperative routine when it comes to housework, but since right now she teaches extra classes so I can finish my degree, I do the bulk of the cleaning. Happily. Of course. No complaints. But I had to laugh at her discussion of toilets, as it occurs to me that since we’ve lived in this house, she has yet to touch either of them. So after reading her post last night, I snuggled up to her in that romantic way she loves and asked, “Within 20 feet, do you know where the toilet brush is?” She guessed four places, including the basement (the basement?), and didn’t come close.

    We keep the brush in her bathroom, not two feet from the bowl. Now she knows.

  3. I've got chops in the freezer! Am putting this on the menu once we get done with all the Easter dinner left overs.

    I tried to grab your button numerous times, but it didn't work. =(

  4. Haha, John's so funny!! Well, I did it. I have officially posted my first recipe. PLEASE, PLEASE share your binder. I'm anxiously awaiting more on that "HOT Topic". It's became a HOC, Ms. A!

  5. I'm a new blogger and am having soooo much fun "meeting" wonderful bloggers with so much knowledge! Thanks Kelly! Looking forward to more yummy stuff!