Saturday, March 7, 2009

In The Middle Of It All

She would not want me not to tell you, but Kelly is sick in bed, with the cold I had early in the week. One 11-year-old is sacked out on the couch with strep throat and a fever of 104. The other 11-year-old and her sister are at their other house, unable to come over on our weekend because we don’t want them to catch it. This is our busy time at our jobs, and opening night is Friday. This is a bad time to be sick on top of everything else.

In the middle of it all, however, there is much that makes us happy. Here is a short list of things for which we are thankful.

Our parents. Kelly’s mom and brother have been sick for a week. So far her dad is well. We miss our regular interaction with them. My mom has nursed my dad through pneumonia once again. He had a stroke six years ago, and she has kept him alive because she can’t find a nursing home that will. Don’t get me started on that.

Open windows. It was surprisingly warm yesterday, so we opened the windows for the first time in our new house. It is cooler now, but wonderful. We both love the breeze and the sounds at night. Every thing, every room just feels better. It will soon be too humid here, so we are enjoying it right now, in March, no less.

Cell phones. One of the highlights of my day is the unexpected, unexplained “I love you” text message from Kelly. I talked to the absent girls today, and texted the one who is sick when I was out. She asked for strawberry ice cream, which is a good sign.

Our doctor. This is out of order, because this guy is amazing. Our doctor gives patients his cell phone number. We were on the phone to him three times late last night as he talked us through getting that fever down. He called this morning just to see how she was doing. Amazing.

Sponge Bob. When I was a kid, my five brothers and I had an impossible dream: a TV station that played nothing but sports, and one that played only cartoons. We have had something of a Sponge Bob marathon today. What always tickles me is that the kids don’t laugh at a third of the funny stuff going on in Sponge Bob. The same for The Simpsons. The funniest moment of The Simpsons is when Marge asks if anyone knows CPR and Homer belts out “I see a bad moon arisin’….”

Indoor plumbing. I lived in England, decades ago, and spent a year without an inside toilet. Talk about frost bite! Not one day since then has passed that I haven’t expressed appreciation for hot and cold running water. But it is especially nice, when you are finally getting over being sick, to take a hot shower or have a nice, long soak in a soapy tub. It’s the best. Of course, having a washer and dryer downstairs for all this soiled bedding is nice, too.

Quiddler. Kelly and I love to play these kind of games, not for the game so much as for the quiet time together. It is interesting that, although we are both pretty competitive, we don’t compete with each other. The children are getting old enough now that they play with us, our games rather than theirs. I don’t mean to complain, but there are eight kids, and a guy can only play so much Candy Land in one lifetime.

Complain? No, not really. Even in the middle of it all, life is too good for that.

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  1. Get to feeling better Ms. A!!! Let me know if I can do anything.