Monday, March 16, 2009

And, that's a wrap!

I am back, finally.

The family did the best they could while I have sketched, attended meetings, shopped, created, schlepped, and wenched costumes for my school’s fine arts department. This annual craziness is something I volunteer for and my family is dragged along for the ride. They are amazingly supportive, even through the frustrations of whiny actors, long dress rehearsals, and last minute changes – even if it means I decide to make two new dresses forty eight hours before opening night, because what I had originally thought to be good proved not good enough once on stage.

Costuming was my profession before teaching and there is much I do not miss about it. I do not miss the insane hours, no sleep, and three weeks of tremendous stress. I do not miss performers who have never known the life of a technical or production crew member. "You want what in your dressing room? Gee, that must be hiding under your Academy Award!" I do not miss the stress.

I do miss the creativity. The art that is mine on stage. Like an actor, my work is performance. I like the way costumes play out with messages in textures, design, and color. Once a year is enough to satisfy the what I miss and remind me of why I no longer costume as a profession.

This year, I fear, the toll on my family may have been too much. It was a large production for such a small team. There were thirteen actors – fourteen costumes. I hope for a smaller cast next year. A drama. Something contemporary. This week is about wrapping things up, reacquainting myself with my domestic life, my family, my blog and blogging friends and sleep. Thank you for your patience.



  1. I just recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading some of your older posts. It's a very nice place to visit:) How fun to do costuming for a play. I must not have a good eye, because I don't usually find many treasures at thrift stores. But I haven't given up! I'm inspired by bloggers who decorate their homes with thrift finds.

    Loved your husband's post about finding stories in the old clothes.

  2. Welcome back, get some sleep.

    Stay Cozy, Carrie