Monday, March 23, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

I plan to continue working on the cast bit by bit, but as I recover from this year’s play, life still goes as planned. This weekend kicked off our Spring Break fun. We are not traveling this year, and mostly don’t on these breaks, because as teachers, we have plenty of grading to get caught up on. Also, it is important to teach the girls that there is value in where we live and in just plain fun play. Here are our two our girls, both eleven years old now (will catch up on birthday festivities later this week). The snake was not my idea, but this picture is a souvenir from last Friday night when we visited the Shrine Circus!

The circus was thrilling and Papa, Uncle Dan, and I were kids again along with our own while watching funny clowns, amazing animals, and thrilling stunts. Pink cotton candy, snow cones and popcorn was the evening’s diet.

We were nearly the last spectators to leave, as elephants are a long time favorite and I wanted to see them leave the auditorium, through the front doors no less, grasping trunks to tales. They, as many circus animals and performers do, looked tired and ready to be home wherever that may be. A big shout out to them for thrilling Springfield children, old and young alike, for two weeks of performances and good for you Shriners – you do make a great difference in our world one kid at a time!
We spent this morning roaming the Dickerson Park Zoo. This is a small, but lovely zoo and everyone found their favorites.

The girls loved the petting zoo with its hungry goats and loving donkey. I loved feeding the giraffe’s; although, one particular giraffe with a bit of an attitude snot slimed the two girls. No tears, but lots of ewwwws and laughs.

And, just because they are pink...

Happy Spring Break!


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