Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weather or Not

I am sitting here tonight wishing that I would rather be reading blogs, soaking in some creative energy, and thanking all of you who have taken the time to leave lovely comments here in my modest little corner of the blog world. I am feeling better this week and have rebelled against the sling. I am being very careful, not lifting or twisting with my right arm and I am still unable to work for any good amount of time at my desk, lift, clean, or any number of other things I had no idea required a good right shoulder. I have managed not to cook for a week, except icing some birthday cupcakes this past weekend. More on that later.

John darling is at the University this evening while Libby Lu and I are working our way through to do lists. Libby Lu is painting her Valentine box for Friday’s school party and I am writing a presentation I am to give for my colleagues during in-service on Friday. My friend, and colleague, Ashlei and I are sharing our successes with applying Love and Logic strategies in dealing with student excuses. Over the years excuses have changed from the traditional the dog ate my homework to my printer ate my essay. My response? “Oh man, that can’t be good.” You fellow Love and Logic parents know what I mean.In the meantime, we are watching the weather. A little over two weeks ago it was icing and snowing. Bitter cold temperatures plagued us and held the slick ice until this past weekend when the girls donned flip flops and shorts and played outside all day Saturday. We had to threaten them to get them come in after dark! Today was 65 and we are under a tornado watch. What? How can this be? I have been in the Midwest for fifteen years and am still quite entertained and baffled by our weather. The sky is flashing and rolling and the radar looks colorful. Of course, the worst is expected after bedtime. I am a little nervous. Maybe too nervous to work. Where is my knitting basket?


  1. Oh, I cannot imagine having to deal with tornado watches!! I'll be saying a little prayer for you tonight, if only for your nerves. Hopefully prayers for anything else will not be needed!

  2. I have just had the most delightful look through your blog, Kelly. I loved reading about your crochet creations for your 'nieces', playing in the band, winning a fabulous prize. I'll be back. Thank you for your kind comment.