Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh, my, thank you!

Well, this could not have arrived at a better time! A couple of weeks ago I was crazy happy for winning Susan’s, Not Quite June Cleaver Giveaway. She teased me some, and e-mailed me a few times which created a great amount of anticipation here in our cottage. When we pulled up to the house this morning I could see a brown paper package peaking out of the mailbox. Woohoo!
Inside, was a beautifully wrapped copy of Kaari Meng’s, French General Home Sewn, and an apron made just for me by Susan. Oh happy day! John had to open it for me, but that’s okay. There was no risk involved as the apron isn’t quite his style.
Susan tucked a sweet surprise in the apron’s wonderfully huge pocket. How did she know I love dark chocolate! And, of course, the apron coordinates perfectly with the book! Thank you, thank you, thank you!If you have not checked out Susan’s blog, do so! She is super! Her workmanship is impeccable. Susan sells these beautiful custom made aprons here in her shop. Susan, you should publish some of your patterns – I would buy the pinafore to be sure!
Thank you, Susan. I am so looking forward to our new friendship growing. Can I get Harry's phone number from you? - I will take you to Rome with me in 2010.



  1. YAY! It arrived save and sound, not folded, spindled or mutilated!!!! I am happy that you are happy!

    Blessings and Bliss to my new friend - enjoy your prizes and get well soon!

  2. Wow...are you ever lucky! What a beautiful gift. Susan creates such cute aprons and I just love that book! I just won a giveaway too. How happy I was to return home from a trip and find a package at my door from Lisa at Stop 'n Smell the Chocolates! What nice friends we have in "Blogland"!

  3. What a lovely package to arrive in the mail. It's everything a girl loves!
    And just when you needed a little extra comfort..

  4. Congratulations Kelly, that was an awesome giveaway. Enjoy it!

  5. Oh yeah, congratulations! I love Kaari Meng!