Monday, February 16, 2009

Heart Day Busyness

This is a Happy Heart Day update. Last week was very busy with homeroom mother meetings, theatre production meetings, grading, hair appointments, shopping, professional development activities, and all of the other things that take over my appointment book. I wanted to share some of our Happy Heart Day fun with you.
I searched and searched for a pattern for a crochet or knit cupcake box. The only possibility I found was a blogger whose blog has long since been deleted. Bummer. I decided to try my hand at winging it. This was a lot tougher than I originally thought but I think the results are fun.
I started with Busy Bee, Hush-a-bye Baby yarn. I quickly became frustrated. I like the texture of this yarn and love the colors, but struggled with the yarn splitting and twisting. Sometimes I don’t want to use wool, for a variety of reasons including cost, but I am increasingly frustrated with poor quality acrylic yarns. Is there such a thing as a reasonably priced, good quality, yarn?
I made this cupcake after several attempts. And, I like it, but I did not write down the directions. What was I thinking? Obviously, not a whole lot.
Then I began to try to recreate it. My project basket looked like this for days.
I was nearly ready to give up when I looked down at my journal and noticed this little guy. He looked exactly how I felt! This made me laugh. Laughing made me feel better and I pressed on.
After many attempts and frustrations with too wide, too small, too wonky, I managed to find my way. I think they came out pretty cute. The blue cupcakes were filled with candy for the guys and the girls had silver initial necklaces in their cupcake boxes. Libby Lu requested that if she were to receive a cupcake, it would need to be green. I found just enough green in my stash.
The ten-year-olds were busy looking forward to their last Valentine parties at school. This is it. Fifth grade. Next year there will be no more decorated Valentine boxes, no more parties with dozens of red heart balloons and cookies, no more recess. Libby Lu’s box was a brick house with yard complete with clothesline and landscaping.
Her Valentines were buckets of sweet love and roses. She designed this project herself during a dollar store expedition. I think they are adorable.

I made each classmate a Valentine autograph book. They signed each others books and will paste their Valentines inside to remember their last party. I made them with blank index cards, vintage Valentines, clip rings, and ribbon.
Oh, one more thing. Thank you John Darling for the blue sparkles on my right hand. It is just perfect – sapphires. I made John Darling a coupon for dinner and a movie. We put warm socks on, stayed in, ate his favorite meal and cuddled on the couch to watch a chick flick. Peaceful. Simple. Perfect. Us.

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  1. I think cupcakes are adorable...well done.

  2. Bravo!!Way to persevere!! these are really adorable. :-)

  3. Oh my goodness, those are so cute!! I love them! And that smilebox slideshow is so cute! Don't you just love them?

    Glad you had a great Valentine's Day! :)

  4. Loved your smilebox, Kelly. Happy belated Valentine's Day to you and yours. Your knitted cupcakes are just too adorable! Hope you had a wonderful's the arm?

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  5. Awesome Ms. A!! I love the cupcakes!! And the Smilebox was just fantastic!

  6. Hi friend! I love love love the cupcakes; they are so you :) I'm glad to hear Valentine's Day was so fun for you. Nikki and I ate delicious Italian, went to Whole Foods for some tiramisu and watched Secret Life of Bees (which I heartily recommend). Hope to talk to you soon!

  7. SO CUTE!!I love your blog - I knew when I saw your purple wig on the apronista that I would love you!
    Thank you for the links!! xoxo
    (The Apronista)

  8. Adorable cupcakes! Great evening together too, just perfect. What is the pattern of your blue plate? I love your blog and followed your link from Daisy Cottage. ♥

  9. You did a beautiful job. I bet the recipients were thrilled. Lionbrand yarn website has free patterns, I remember seeing a cupcake pattern on there. You might try some of the Vanna White yarns. They are some of my favorites.

    I love the pic of the yarn in the mixer. LOL I'll have to try that on hubby since he finds mine everywhere else.

  10. I love the crochet cupcake...
    It makes me wanna do crocheting.