Monday, February 9, 2009

Aunt by Heart

I am an Aunt by heart. This means I am lucky enough to have two of the cutest little girls you have ever seen (besides mine of course) calling and loving me, Aunt Kelly even though we are not related by blood. Annaleise is five and Abigail is nearly four.

According to these two little giggly girls, I have very specific Aunt responsibilities which include always having home baked goodies to eat whenever they might come for a visit. Always. Birthday cakes are also my responsibility. Whenever we meet for lunch, they run through the door and nearly knock me over with their hugs. I love that.
Earlier in the cold season, their mother Ashlei shared that the girls kept trying to wear her winter scarves, but they were far too long. About that time, Knitting Daily shared the Peppermint Hat and Scarf pattern. I knew this was the perfect choice and size for the girls. Anna loves pink, her favorite princess is Aurora, so pink and burgundy are the colors I chose for her hat and scarf. Abbey loves Cinderella, so blue and sparkly white was perfect. Of course, I gifted their hats and scarves on big soft teddy bears for good cuddles and hugging when Aunt Kelly is not around.
The girls are still in the want to dress like mommy stage. Oh, how I miss those days, although every now and then Libby Lu will casually and subtly make sure we head to school in the same color. It is rare, and I try not to blurt out gushy love sentiment and aren’t we so cute blathering – that seems to ruin it for her. So, I keep my mouth shut and smile inside all day. I made Ashlei a scarf, too, using the leftovers from the girls gifts. I added a couple of more grown up colors to make it more eclectic, but it still matches the girls in style and color. They will all leave for school matching and warm!


  1. How cute ^-^! I have a non-blood related neice who is a 4 year old Abi too!

  2. How sweet are you? What lucky girls!

  3. I am an aunt to over 25 nieces and nephews and now a great-aunt too! All of them live thousands of miles I have to find ways to stay in their lives over the distance! I love doing special things for them and sending Auntie goodies in the mail. I am sure those two little girls adore you. It is always so special to receive something made especially for you!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  4. Oh how sweet you are! And what lucky girls, and I mean mama too! I hope to be a knitty mama & auntie one day! I recently tried my hand at it back in November, but only ended up getting a 15 minute lesson, so I'm sure I'll need some follow ups before I'm knitting like you!