Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Day

I was picked up from school yesterday as sleet began to fall lightly over the Ozarks. By 4:30 pm, my father struggled to get his car in our driveway. His tires spun and the car slid in every direction but the one he intended. We managed to get Libby in the house and my parents home safely when the school district and the colleges canceled classes for today.

We awoke to icicles. We are fairing far better than last year and the year before that when our neighborhood looked like this.

We ventured outside around noon. So far, we are lucky. The ice is failing in pellets, piling up on the ground, hard, but grainy. The storm started with freezing rain, so under the ice pellets is a thin slick layer of ice on everything. Libby tried to slide, but had little luck. We went for a short walk and came back inside to warm our noses.

The ice is still falling in pellets and that is a good thing. From what the news reports, our southern neighbors, Arkansas, are experiencing widespread power outages. Where we have had ice, they have freezing rain which weighs on trees and power lines. It is beautiful, but not worth it. We are warm this evening and hoping our power remains on. The local weatherman says we will now get 2-4 inches of snow this evening on top of all of this ice. No school tomorrow for the kids. John and I are still awaiting word.

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  1. I know! I just saw on the news of the states that without power. We're also expecting ice, ice not snow. Who likes ice?
    As long as we have power, it's all good. And I love the gloves picture :)