Thursday, January 1, 2009

Giveaway and a room of my own...

Show me your creative space and... exchange for your decorating ideas, tips, successes, inspiration, and sharing your creative space, I offer you this early Valentine - a fun potholder, tea towel, cup and, of course, chocolate!

To enter this giveaway, write about this Valentine on your blog, but, most importantly, write about your creative space. After you have posted, leave a comment here that includes at least one decorator tip or idea for creative spaces, and add your “creative space” blog post to the Mr. Linky list so we can all take a peak at the space that inspires you. Show us your creative spaces! Show off! Brag!

My darling husband, John, will randomly choose a blog comment next Saturday, January 10 at 11:42 am. He likes to be specific.

In the meantime, here is my reason for giving.

The holidays are behind us. December has been full of reading research papers, grading finals, hunting through moving boxes, gift shopping, giving and unwrapping, some crocheting, some baking, some soup making and bread baking. There was a Christmas Parade, a dance recital, a light festival opening, auditions for Tartuffe, tree decorating, traveling, and time with family. Everyone had a wonderful holiday.

We are home now and I am happy to be back here. The house is quiet and I have a week until I must fill my plan book for another semester. I am always more than ready for a break at the end of a semester, but more ready to return once the holiday is over. I miss students, learning, and teaching.

Unpacking is going better than I expected . The living room, kitchen, and dining room were in good shape for Christmas. The girls have unpacked enough to send me into a dither when I found their room in complete, most complete, disarray. They have some work to do before they head back to school this new year.
"A woman must have money and a room of her own..." ~Virginia Woolf

Although we are unpacking at a good pace, and the rest of this week should be productive for John and I, I am beginning to think beyond the mere functions of the rooms in our new home. Rooms are functional, but not charming. Not yet. Selfishly, I have decided to work on “a room of my own” first – my creative space. After all, this room will be the place I create the charm for the remaining rooms. Right?

It has been years since I have had a space to create, to make a mess, to tuck my inspiration in at night. I am one lucky woman. As a writer, and teacher, I share an office with the man of my dreams. He is generous and excited about the things that I love. John did not hesitate to agree when I thought out loud of the possibility of a place to sew and craft.
I need your help. My creative space is ready for creativity and love. I have found a bounty of creativity through all of your wonderful sharing and creative energies. So far, it is nearly functional. I still need to find a bookcase. We will be out tomorrow in search of a place for books and patterns.

My current palette is plain, beige, unfinished, and ready for anything.

I plan to paint. I will paint nearly anything in the room except my sewing machines of which there are five as my husband clearly pointed out during the move. He was smiling of course. He likes that I have five and not one or two.
There is this wonderful corner cabinet. One of two. The other is in the dining room holding milk glass treasures. I think it whispered a plea to be painted.
There is a cutting slash work table – its underneath a good place for storage. It expands to delightfully large.To go with the table, is this stool. Not my style, but has good function and I purchased it for a song.
My sewing table is a drop leaf table. I plan to store sewing machines underneath. It is a wonderful table that expands for large sewing projects like the curtains I need to make for our cottage.I am lucky to have a small closet. John attached a peg board to the inside of the door and built shelves for me. It houses the non-decorative plastic bins. I love how the not so attractive bins stow away easily from sight.
The rest is up to you. What would you do? What color would you paint the walls? What fabrics would you use? What is your favorite color of white to paint furniture? Don't forget your how to do its and learned tips. Do you have creative storage and display ideas? Give me your best shot!


  1. I have a closet that looks just like that! Except for the pegboard which I will rectify now that I have seen yours.

    My very favorite white is Swiss Coffee by Dunne Edwards. I think Dunne Edwards is sold in a very limited area. Swiss coffee doesn't sound like the name of a white but it really is the perfect creamy white without too much yellow to it. Alpine White by Benjamin Moore is a close second.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and the shout out on yours. I was really tickled to see that.

  2. I am a big fan of deep blue and white with some sunny yellow touches. The blue is calming and makes me thing of the ocean with the sun shining on me!!
    My favorite crative room is my kitchen! I can create lovely meals and special items for my family and friends. My weekends are my special "ME" times. That is when I can spend time doing all the fussing...not like during the week when I don't have as much time. Hope you can visit my blog! And I hope I can win your beautiful give-away! Peace!

  3. I think your room looks great! I am wanting to decorate mine with fun colors to get my creative juices flowing. I think hot pink should definitely be included. :)

  4. You did a great great job on this bench! The best interior design and furniture are necessary for house. It gives new and pretty looks of our house.