Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cold State of Being

I have been cold since October 31, 1993. I moved to Missouri in August of that same year during the some of the worst flooding Missouri has ever seen. It was hot, rainy and muggy most of my first two months. Housing was scarce and I stayed at the charming Landmark Inn. It suited me well, and warm hospitality and charming surroundings allowed me to feel welcome to the booming, and unique, mid-west family musical, Las Vegas. I don’t think there is any place quite like Branson anywhere else.
It snowed on Halloween, and by the end of the day I was cold, cold, and cold. At the time, Branson was not yet known for the hundreds of outlet stores that now attracts thousands of shoppers each year. My only shopping option, within sixty miles, was a stuff mart and that is where I bought my first winter coat.

I come from a place where cold is noticed somewhere around fifty degrees. Time to wear the heavy sweater.
Any colder, and I would dig out the very few pieces of winter accessories I owned. These were hats, gloves and scarves purposely purchased not for winter weather, but for how cute I would look and winter trips to places like this…
And, this…Cold, as the way I knew it, was something I visited and snow was something I played in. When I got too cold, I would pack up and go home. Seems reasonable.

Missouri is different. Weather is fickle. Christmas day was in the sixties. A good year to get a new bicycle, skateboard, or basketball. The week leading up to Christmas brought ice and snow just in time for final exams and last minute shopping. Sometimes, the weather changes from one hour to the next. Storms of all kinds sneak up on our state and attack, or not. The meteorologists do the best they can, but the odds are against them and their jobs must be fraught with disdain and misunderstanding viewers. And, I don’t even want to go into how to dress for this crazy place. I hate bulky clothes and winter coats. What am I doing here?

I am cold. It was five degrees when I started the car yesterday morning. Snowflakes persisted for most of the day discouraging young college students to attend classes. The first of two diagnostic essays were also due so it may have been a cold, bad day all the way around for a few of them. It could be warmer today, but I really don’t know because after a week of below ten degree weather, I am not willing to go out and find out. The sun is shining, but it could be a trick.


  1. I sympathize! I stay cold - even in the summer I carry a sweater into air conditioned buildings! It was 10 degrees here this a.m. I don't even own a real coat, so I'm cold too!

  2. Seriously, I do not know how you survive. I'm from Fresno, California, and I'm "freezing" right now, and it's probably 40* at midnight right now.

    Talk about a climate change!