Sunday, January 25, 2009

Birthday Socks - part two...

So far, I have knit scarves. Many scarves. At some point, I tired of long rectangles and had knit a scarf for every friend and family member I have. Ready to move on I stopped at my local yarn shop, Simply Fibers. Carol advised me to buy inexpensive cotton yarn and recommended a book of some fifty different washcloths. She told me to make dozens and come back. I did. I wonder if my friends and family were relieved not to get scarves this year?
A month later I went to visit Carol and purchased a bag full of pink yarn and a pattern for a three quarter sleeve, ballet neck sweater. I have finished knitting the sweater. It took a year and a half. It has been to Farmington, MO, Chicago, New Orleans, Italy, Greece, and London. Currently, the front and back are on the blocking board and the sleeves are in a basket. I am too afraid to try to put the pieces together, so I procrastinate.
A year ago, minus one day, my darling John bought me exactly what I wanted for my birthday. I wanted to learn how to knit socks. Getting Started Knitting Socks, by Ann Budd, is a wonderfully illustrated guide to knitting socks of many types and patterns. Carol tucked that, some double pointed needles and a ball of wonderfully soft yarn into a bag for John to give to me. I was thrilled!

Knitting my first sock has been a challenge. I started the process seven times and despite several ripping and re-knitting challenges, there are a few mistakes visible on the finished sock. I finished that sock today. Now, this may seem silly to some of you. It did take me nearly a year to finish one sock. But, I am proud and I slipped it on just so I could admire it, mistakes and all.
It didn’t take twenty minutes of euphoria before casting on the second sock. It was much easier this time. I only had to cast on once. The stitches look better, even. The needles feel comfortable in my hands. It would be nice to finish this second sock before my birthday, but one day seems a tall order indeed.

What projects are haunting you right now?

Part One can be found here.


  1. that's a great looking sock you got there, goodluck with the next one to make the pair :) I no nothing about knitting, someday I hope I'll learn it too.

    Love the cupcake background! :)

  2. Congratulations on your birthday! And good luck with the knitting, I'm sure you can finish it soon enough.

  3. How wonderful! I have a friend teaching me to knit. After scarves, a simple hat, some dishcloths, and dish scrubbies, she had me start on Fuzzy Feet. They are basically giant socks that felt down to slippers. I finished them just last night!

    Now I must get up my nerve to felt them. I've started a pair for my hubby, too. I find that I like to use a pattern several times before going on to something new. You can google Fuzzy Feet and you can see the pattern. Maybe everyone will be getting them next year!

  4. I finally got up my nerve to felt the socks. I have also made more since then.

    They came out great.

    I keep checking the book you have out of the library. I want to make a pair of socks for myself. I'm just too busy knitting fuzzy feet. I'll be making Christmas stockings next.