Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday Reflection

Today is my birthday. I am forty six years old. Forty six years wiser. Forty six years experienced. I am still older than my brother. I am younger than some of my friends and older than others. I am a daughter of amazing parents. My mother is a star quilter. Her strength rivals all women I have ever known except maybe my Aunt Bee and my mother in law. They are unsurprisingly alike. My father worked in the transportation industry all of his adult life. He taught us how to travel beyond the destinations and how to care for our world and its people. He was happy with his life of making us happy, loving us, working hard for us. He is a great Papa.
I am a sister. My brother, Dan, lives in a world entirely misunderstood by most. Some others in this world allow his disability to limit him, to separate him, to isolate him. This is a shame. His heart is so large, I am surprised he doesn’t have to pull it along behind him in a shiny red wagon. He has always been my biggest cheerleader and now that we are older, I hope he knows I am his, always will be.I am a wife. Darling John came along later in my life. We love together and work hard together to raise children well and love them enough to cover up the mistakes we sometimes make. We are extensions of one another, but ourselves at all times. We grow together and catch each other when we fall. He owes me forty seven more years, so I have lots of birthday posts to go.
I am a mother. I have given birth to one child and have chosen to love another seven unconditionally. We are not the Brady Bunch, but we work with what we have and we let love and time work to make things okay – even if we might not know what okay really is for us.

I am a teacher. I am old enough to be a mother to my traditional students. My young students have no idea how smart they are and I love helping them to discover this. I do admit that I am far more excited about this than they are, and they whine some and moan a bit. This is a good sign. Whining and moaning means they are thinking. Thinking is something they are sometimes reluctant to do. My non-traditional students meet so many challenges well. They are parents, they work hard, and are worried about the almighty A all of the time. I encourage them to relax. They like to think and it is fun watching them bloom. I am a writer. I like to write when the muse is on my shoulder. I need to write when the muse is missing simply because that is part of my craft. I am not domestic in every way. I like to bake. I like to sew. I am trying to knit. I love holidays. I sleep under antique quilts. I am sentimental. I am me and that is a good thing.
Happy Birthday to all of my readers! Thank you for your attention and your care. Thank you for sharing the most of who you are good and bad. My life is better for having read you.

Who are you?


  1. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. "I'm sorry I'm late - it took me forever to get here."

  2. Wow, that is so touching Kelly! {Sorry I'm posting so late, I took a major break today, and am just catching up a little.} That really is a moving post. You said some things that I may even write down!

    Happy Birthday! I'm glad that I've met you and we've become blogging friends!

  3. what a wonderful and insightful post. Thank you for sharing with us all.

  4. i love how you write. Its from the heart.Keep on bloggin