Sunday, January 11, 2009

And, the winner is...

Well, those of you who commented and entered my giveaway may notice that although I have written about John's need for specificity, we were slightly derailed yesterday when we awoke to our own personal restaurant in our dining room. The drawing was late, which made everything else late, which, in turn, makes this announcement late. But, the winner is...
Congratulations Andrea! Send me your snail address and I will ship your goodies! I have added a little something extra just for fun.

Andrea offered a few of her favorite whites and I will be heading out soon to collect paint samples. If only the weather will cooperate. I am anxious to paint. Check out her linen hutch here. I might need to steal this idea.

Linda recognizes the importance of blue and white and do I have plenty of that! All of my every day dishes are blue and white transfer ware which finds its way into all of my decorating around the house somehow. Visit her blog for the most delicious of recipes like this great salad.

Vintage Chic offers sound good advice. There must be hot pink in this palette. Yes, of course! What would this world be without hot pink! I love her Initial Plaques!

The delay...

I awoke Saturday morning the the clink clanking of kitchen dishes. It did not take long to notice that there was a lot more clanking going on than is required for a bowl of cereal and a bagel. When the girls heard us moving around they sprinted down the hall to inform us that they were fixing breakfast and were not ready for our appearance for the day. Fortunately, for me, they allowed me to make my coffee before being locked in our bedroom to wait.

After some time, we were allowed to enter the dining room through our office door, the one with the beaded curtain (Yes, my mother thinks I am a hippy.) We were seated by a lovely hostess and welcomed to the Dead Flowers Cafe. It is winter, and dead flowers were all they could find hence the restaurant theme and name.
The girls were very professional and even had matching outfits on. They paid attention to the smallest of details including playing out favorite Harry Connick, Jr. CD in the background, using plates as charges for the cereal bowls, a color theme of blue/white and yellow, and a tray of cheese, granola and apple appetizers. Here are pictures of the place settings, pictures of the girls and a vase of dead flowers completed the table scape.
It was such fun! After we ate our made to order juice, cereal and bagels, we tipped our wonderful servers/cooks just enough so they could afford a snack during a fun roller skating session last night. We then played Quiddler with the staff. A bonus!

They were so proud of themselves and happy, well, until it was time to clean up...


  1. Ahhh I love it! What great girls. And the name, that has potential!