Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And the answer is...

Tanya at Sunday Baker has asked her readers a question...What CRAFT are you particularly good at or fond of doing? In exchange for your response she is giving away this wonderful iPod case...What is curious is, at first, I was not sure if I was good at the craft I was fond of or fond of what I was good at. Let me explain. I do think that for the most part I am good at costume design and production. This was my business before I became a teacher. By the time I left the business, I was frustrated with the long hard hours, theatre divas, and hounding production companies to pay their bills. After being away from costuming as a profession, I began to enjoy making costumes for Libby. She was an Anne Geddes' baby the first year, a pink geranium I think, Dorothy the next, then Ariel, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, a fairy, Tinker Bell, a gypsy/belly dancer, and a wonky punk witch this year.

Last year, my college, unveiled a fine arts program and I was asked to volunteer to design and create costumes for the first production - Picasso at the Lapin Agile. It was an overwhelming endeavor, but a very different experience than I had ever had before in costuming. The actors were young and fresh and didn't know enough to be divas, but were absolutely loaded with talent, the director was experienced, a teacher, and amazingly talented. I didn't get paid, so there was not bill collecting. It was exhausting but the most fun I have experienced in theatre. Here are some pictures John took during a dress rehearsal.
This year we are producing Tartuffe with a a twist. Here is a hint...

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